The Three Principles for The Central Procurement Programme

The Central Procurement Programme is supported by three initiatives: Ensuring effective, common and central framework agreements, increased leadership focus on procurement, and the establishment of a general framework for future central procurement strategies.

The central procurement programme is based on the three following principles:

  • Standardization:
    Standardization of the product portfolio to attain larger quantities, thereby obtaining favourable prices.
  • Coordination:
    Purchase of goods from fewer suppliers to obtain favourable prices. 
  • Commitment:
    The Central Government commits itself to adhere by the framework agreements. The supplier is thereby guaranteed a fixed turnover, for which the Central Government is offered better prices.

The Central Procurement Programme commits
The Central Procurement Programme is compulsory for the entire Central Government. This means that all respective government institutions have to adhere to the framework agreements within all product categories encompassed. Central Government institutions are prohibited from using other agreements.